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Grass Fed Beef in a beef Order

Estimated Cuts In A Split Quarter

This list is based on a beef cow that had a total hanging weight of 490 lbs for the whole cow. Therefore the hanging weight on a quarter would be 122.5 lbs. The following list is the estimated yield a quarter of beef would have provided after dry-aging and cutting.

Freezer Beef Quarter

Bone in Ribeye     9 lbs

T-bone steaks     5 lbs

Sirloin steak     6 lbs

Sirloin tip roasts     1.5 lbs

Brisket     4 lbs

Beef ribs     4 lbs

Shoulder roast     4 lbs

Chuck roast     11 lbs

Boneless stew beef 8 lbs

Neck Bones 2 lbs

Cubed steak     7 lbs

Ground Beef 25 lbs

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To find the estimated yield on a side of beef ( half cow ) multiple everything in the list by 2. For a whole cow multiply everything in the list by 4.