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Buying Beef


How it Works


Ordering Quarters, Halves, Whole Beef

What happens when we take your order for a quarter/half or whole beef?

When  we take your order for a quarter/half or whole beef we require a deposit at which time we schedule a slaughter date with the butcher. The deposit can be made through our website here or you can call and we will take the order over the phone. We take cash and cards. Once the beef is ready for delivery we will call you and set up a delivery date, time and location. The balance due will be payable at delivery.  When the cow goes to  the processor it will be slaughtered within 24 hours. The beef will then dry-age in a climate controlled  cooler for 10-14 days before being cut.  The reason it is dry aged, is  that dry-aging helps tenderize the meat.  Cutting, packaging and  freezing takes another 2-3 days, so your order will be ready for pickup  about 3-4 weeks after the date the animal went to the processor.  We  will pick up the meat at the processor and deliver it free to your door within 60 miles of Fayetteville or Smithfield NC.

If you want to order a quarter please read this.  If you are interested in a half, or whole skip this paragraph:

If  you ordered a quarter, what you will receive is commonly called a  “split half.”  Because, the cuts of meat in the front half differs  dramatically from the back half, we evenly divide the cuts between the  two to make it a fair offering.  This will somewhat limit how you can  have your beef cut, as it is a compromise with the other customer, who  will be sharing the half.  Again, this applies only to quarter orders.  Quarters can usually be delivered within 1 week as we keep try to keep them in stock. If you ordered a half or whole beef, you won’t have to split the cuts. 

What will your beef cost? 

The  cost is $3.95/lb hanging weight on wholes, $4.49/lb hanging weight on halves, and $4.95/lb hanging weight on quarters depending on the amount.  Again,  this does  include processing, which runs about $0.75 per pound, $220 slaughter fee, packing and boxing fees plus butcher services tax and fees..  The  hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed  into individual cuts.  Your take home weight of meat will be about  25%-35% less depending on how much moisture is removed in the dry aging process. 

Average hanging weights:

Quarter: 135-150 lbs x $4.99/lb  = approximately $668 to $742 for the meat, Deposit to order is $350


Half: -275-300 lbs x $4.49 = approximately $1235-$1347 for the meat, Deposit to order is $700.

Whole:  550-600 lbs x $3.95/lb = approximately $2175 to $2370 for the meat, Deposit required to order is $1000.